Am I Authentic?

I have a hard time defining success. There is a lot of talk of #authenticity, yet a lot of people’s beliefs are being pushed out by the “authentic”.

I have learned that I have no idea who I want to be. Everytime I reach a peak there is another in the distance to climb. I may not know the way to get there, but I know 1000 ways that didnt make it.

To me success Is taking that leap. Success is the process. Being able to get up and accomplish. Finding out who you are not, so that you may become who you are destined to be. Failure is destiny. Failure is the learning process.

This means you have to adapt to your surroundings constantly. Comfort is a façade. Being authentic should be the goal, but not to force your “authenticity” on others. Instead to become your surroundings and provide for every spot you are needed.

I believe success is a feeling, much like being happy or sad. It will all fade away when the next task is at hand. We should stop worrying about how we feel, and start focusing on how we make other feel.

What you put out you will get back. Sometimes people have to get smacked. That is the learning process. It is not mean to take a stand. It is worse to ignore a persons problem and let it continue that it is to address the issue and look for solution.






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