WTF Is This World Coming To?

I have not been writing much, atleast not personal stuff. It has probably taken a toll on my mentality. Holy Shit, the world is fucked up I am not even going to write creatively right now. I just need to get back into the routine of writing something everyday.

I forgot half of the shit that I was doing before. Most of my websites are down. I forgot where I was at anyway, I am so confused looking inside of The Kapnobatai right now to be honest.There is so much to do that I don’t even know where to begin. I restarted it and then quit on it to create video content for a bit. I was supposed to be adding it all together, but life gets complicated.

Emotionally I am a wreck. Alone, Under Attack, health issues that should be checked out, but I am petrefied of a doctor who would lie to their patient, rist their life on false information, all to make a paycheck. They get away with this through censorship.

The government is literally hunting people down because of false pretenses on Jan 6. Being censored on the internet (at behest of the whitehouse) has made my life so dangerous, even though I can prove I was involved in no violence, I caught bad actors, and I literally own a production company that runs an online magazine (I’m kinda like a journalist, but I tell the truth) I do not feel safe.

Because of censorship, I can not run my business, exersize my first amendment rights as an american, I am too scared to see a doctor, and I do not feel safe. If only I was able to speak it would cure all of those ailments. I am ashamed to say that lawyers are too coward to take up any type of case in defense of anything. You would have to reach too high for me to grasp, and I can get no help. I am just sitting, waiting, documenting it all. There willl be a time when this changes. I need to get over my feelings and be patient. Poised ready to strike when the time is right. Robotic process of rinse and repeat. Get orginized and keep my information as public as possible. (which means I have to keep my websites up and not bee so spurratic when things don’t work)

Do these people not get that they made me do this? I don’t wan’t this. I never went to journalism school. I do not wish to make myself public. I don’t want to speak on this dumb ass political bullshit. They attacked me. They attacked us. They’re not going to get away with this (or they’ll kill me). Just hold the line. Just hold the line. I don’t see the fucking line anymore. They’ve crossed so far passed the line that they are obviously trying to force a civil war. I hope we don’t let them, but we been invaded. FUCK! There are so many angles to this. How the fuck are we going to win?

I am not trying to shocase my insanity, I am not even trying to complain. I am only hoping to shine light in the shadows that these assholes hide in, attempting to steal, rape, kill, and pillage. They’ll eventually get to me. They’re systematically taking out everyone else above me. Where do we draw the line? Will I be able to gain support before my memory is erased from this world’s hard drive?

PS i just realized the spellcheck doesn’t run on this site…. i’m not going to fix my random thoughts though… just public insanity…






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