quickly leading to the præy’s demise

Losing Hope

Everything is getting screwed up again. I figure I better start writing. In my understanding things don’t always get better, but they can always get worse. It takes work to pull yourself out of the whirlpool that drags you down at times. A lot of people don’t make it out. They follow the “guru’s” and their fake promises to their own demise. This is the same in so many facets. You see it plainly online, but what about failing business models, what about the church? We just follow blindly behind the ones who claim to know where they are going.

I am attempting to get out of this myself. Weather I fail or succeed, I believe that if documented, this journey will be a useful experience to others. I have always believed that there was something wrong with this world. I truly believe it is in the information that we are given to process throughout our lives.

While in school we are not taught how to learn. We are taught to memorize and regurgitate information. To press a button and expect an output. Math is the truest form of communication and we don’t learn it. It started with the smart calculators, and now has been further dumbed down with the common core “new math”.

The United States is undergoing a mind control experiment with the implementation of the vaccine into all commercial programming. This is evidenced in the fact that the vaccine is being pushed through all forms of media, from television to radio to social media. They are pushing it on the children in Sesame Street. The vaccine is being presented as a necessity for everyone, regardless of age or health status, and those who refuse to take it are being shamed and ostracized. This is a clear example of mind control, and it is a dangerous experiment that must be stopped.

I know I can do this business stuff, but if we allow the “world government” or whatever they will go by, to finish their plans, there will be no point to business. I hope I can prove my truthfulness. I hope I can display my fear. I am not doing anything to be rich or famous. In fact I want neither. I have made investments that will keep me doing fine. I truly just want to make this world better.

If we can not talk about the facts, if we live in a world where a defense consists of “nut-uh” we are going to doom ourselves. If we allow social media to hide information and work as a 3rd party for government censorship where else will we end up besides in a loop of nothing ever getting better?

I don’t know how to do this. I also don’t know how to run a business if social media sites lie to destroy my pages. Say that information about the coronavirus is porn. It seems impossible. I will not stop. I will not quit.

I’ve seen too much. The children are at stake

where do we go from here…






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