Facebook debacle

Facebook flagged me for unusual activity. All I did was make 2 pages and set up a new business account. I had a second profile, I decided not to be political on the platform. To promote business and the how to’s and such. They deleted my profile I had since 2008 to shut me up. They said a post had porn in it when it was talking about corona virus. The video is still on my rumble so there is the proof there is no porn. But they also disabled my button to challenge. I tried pressing it on different phones, computers, vpns. It would not go through. I pressed it atleast once a day for 30 days where they told me they’ll never give it back because i didn’t challenge it.

After being flagged, I had to send in a picture of my id to verify i was me and they permanently banned my account from advertising. They didnt say it was because i am me (which i am pretty sure it is) they said my id couldnt be verified. Which is stupid the picture is perfect.

I understand i have a responsibility to work with these companies in order to provide the best service for my clients, but this is ridiculous. At least show some respect and tell me that you are not going to work with me. Attempting to manipulate people, leaving them feeling like they did something wrong, when they are at least trying to do the right thing and help people, is dirty.

I will devote my life right here and now to create a business that never loses sight of it’s clients. I would never be able to respect myself if i left someone like this.

I will pull this off. Please believe that if i was doing this for the money i would have quit a year ago. There will be money, but that’s not the point. Where I have failed is I got caught up in fighting the fight, and I have not done well enough explaining why i am fighting.

I do not want to make this about me. It is about opportunity, and opening up minds to what actually exists. But I am one example of what is happening to millions of people around the world.

I am one example of how ability can be squandered from lack of knowledge. I am one example of potential being wasted. I am one example of a very capable human slipping through the cracks and not ever truly being able to contribute to society.

If I do one thing before I leave this reality, I want to tell people that it doesn’t have to be that way. There is unlimited possibility. Really and truly.

I will begin to explain what I am doing and why I am doing it better.






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