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  • 🖕

    I don’t feel like it. I am supposed to be writing everyday. The truth just took the god mode pill and I am burning out. Never in the right spot at the right time. 🖕…. That is all

  • WTF Is This World Coming To?

    I am not trying to shocase my insanity, I am not even trying to complain. I am only hoping to shine light in the shadows that these assholes hide in, attempting to steal, rape, kill, and pillage. They’ll eventually get to me. They’re systematically taking out everyone else above me. Where do we draw the…

  • Time is flying

    The hours fly by so quickly. It feels like I’m standing still while the whole world completes my mission before me.

  • Am I Authentic?

    I have a hard time defining success. There is a lot of talk of #authenticity, yet a lot of people’s beliefs are being pushed out by the “authentic”. I have learned that I have no idea who I want to be. Everytime I reach a peak there is another in the distance to climb. I may…

  • Facebook debacle

    Facebook flagged me for unusual activity. All I did was make 2 pages and set up a new business account. I had a second profile, I decided not to be political on the platform. To promote business and the how to’s and such. They deleted my profile I had since 2008 to shut me up.…

  • quickly leading to the præy’s demise

    Losing Hope Everything is getting screwed up again. I figure I better start writing. In my understanding things don’t always get better, but they can always get worse. It takes work to pull yourself out of the whirlpool that drags you down at times. A lot of people don’t make it out. They follow the…

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